For the Moms.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mommies, Grand Mommies, Adoptive Mommies, Foster Mommies, Aunt Mommies and every amazing individual that has assumed the Mommy role!

I was hoping to post candid Mommy and Me images sent in through my EfyP May Giveaway. Sadly, even with all of the submissions I did receive, I did not have enough to complete my candid collage.  Thank you to everyone that participated!  (Winners posted below.)

Inspired by all of the image submissions, I decided to pull some of my own.                    The top 4 are of me with my Mother; the final image is of me with my Grandmother. And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for!

The Winner of the FREE Burgundy-Beaded, Photo Charm Bracelet is:   Amanda C!The RUNNER-UP, and Winner of a 50% DISCOUNT on their next EfyP Portrait Session is: Kristina S!Congratulations to both of you!  The next Giveaway will be announced in a few short weeks.  Don’t forget to sign up for my email list to get the news firsthand!  You can also check my website: under the “EfyP Events” tab for current Giveaways and other happenings.

*Winners were selected via Each image submitted equaled 1 line entry, with a maximum of 5 entries per applicant.

To all of my EfyP Mommies out there!

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