Kendra + Branden

December 11th, 2022. My last wedding of the year. We almost had snow. Ended up with a little sprinkle of rain, with a smidge of sunshine.

The last time I was at the Manor House, I was attending a friend’s wedding as a guest. I sat in the Atrium, watching my friends exchange vows, thinking, “man, what a perfect space to be a photographer in.” 20 years later, it was my time to shine!

Kendra and Branden. What a beautiful couple. I met Branden a few years back, while photographing his brother’s wedding. His family was incredibly welcoming back then, so I knew I would be in good company this time around as well. Kendra and I met for the first time only a few weeks ago; but when she walked in, decked out in Christmas flare, I knew that we would get along just fine. The two together made for some great photo opportunities. (Pulp Fiction fans take note: they nailed their introduction.) Their excitement for the day and their love for each other was screamingly obvious from the moment I met up with them.

Please enjoy this collection from their wedding day.

Congratulations again to the happy couple!


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