Back on the Golf Course for a Pink Cause

For the record, I know nothing of golf.  I can rock a putt putt course, but I’ve never hit a ball on an actual golf course.  This event marked my second golf outing in a 4 week period, so I feel like I should know golf, but no. Nope. Nada. No golf for this girl.  I do however enjoy riding around in the golf carts and absorbing golfer’s etiquette all whilst taking pictures of the game.komen welcomeLike all of the other Komen events, the Pink Ribbon Classic supports breast cancer research. And while I didn’t spend my day with any clowns at this event, I did surround myself with some pretty awesome, friendly people in pink.  Plus, my Josie girl was the Honorary Chair for the event, so it wasn’t like I was going to say no.  I love the Cincinnati Komen ladies!Josie and I

Please enjoy!Komen Golf

The event was held at the Heritage Club in Mason, Ohio.  Registration opened at 11am; as did the raffles and silent auctions!Komen RegistrationraffleauctionAlongside the raffle prizes and silent auction items, golf participants had the option to purchase mulligans (DEFINITION HERE<-see, I can sound like I know what I’m talking about, but no) and balloons!  I love a good balloon release.balloons12:30pm marked the balloon release and the beginning of the golf portion of the of the golf event.release And so began my challenge: to capture all of the foursomes on the golf course before the game’s end. With the help of my partner in crime for the day (meet Sam,) WE WON (and with time to spare!)  Boy was it HOT and sunshiny!  I actually burned on my right side.  Love those split tans.  Better than the farmers, IMO.Sam and IAlongside the actual golf game, participants were also invited to try their hand at some other skill challenges: Putting Contest, Hit the Banner, Buy a Pro, Closest to the Line, etc…golf

Putt challenge

Following the main event, guests were invited back into the clubhouse to revisit the raffles, silents auctions and additional giveaways.

The evening favorites appeared to be the Champagne Raffle (buy a flute of champagne and match your number to win a diamond ring.) Bling!champaignAnd the Party Wagon!  Lot’s of alcohol in that wagon.  The raffle tickets for this one were given based on one’s arm length; which entertained me quite a bit.liquorAnd because I do enjoy hanging out with the Komen people, here is a collection of these beautiful individuals!Komen peepsOh! And did I mention the food at this event?  Like all of it?   YUMM-O!foodies dessertAnd what Komen event would be complete without THE pink fire engine?!pink truckSo, there you have it.  The next (and my most favoritest) Komen event is just around the corner!  Photographing the Race for the Cure is beyond explanation.  The best I can do is to simply say that I LOVE it!  If you are interested in participating this year, you can sign up by following this link.  <<<— Do it.  You know you want to!

Happy Birthday, Baby!

So, if you follow my blog, you will recall a blessingway that I attended a few weeks back.  Guess what…?   Kelly gave birth to her fourth child last Thursday, July 11th at 12:01pm EST.

And, guess what else?  I got to be there with Kelly and her family.  With my camera.

I received my first “heads up” call from Kelly at around 3:30am.  By 7am, I was on my way way to her house.

Oh! I guess I should mention that this is an in home, 100% natural birth.                               First arrivalBy 9am, Kelly moved into the birthing from the poolSIDE NOTE: I really have to give it up to that family!  Kelly and Seth’s 3 daughters were present for the entire event and could not be more excited to meet their newest sibling (the sex was an unknown surprise as well.)  The girls were extremely patient, understanding, supportive, and very interested in what was going on.  They entertained themselves with books, games, family and Mommy, of course. killing timeAnd then there’s Dad.  Seth was everywhere that he needed to be at any moment. He was a hand holder, water warmer, fan retriever, daughter hugger, etc, etc, etc… He’s a freakin’ magician. poolAnd don’t even get me started on Mom.  Let’s see… smiles in between contractions, patience and tolerance at levels I have never before met myself, and simply powerful.  Amazingly powerful.powerAnd so at 12:01pm EST, on July 11th, with the assistance of her midwife, husband, sister and daughters, Kelly gave birth to a healthy baby… it's a boyBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeppers, it’s a boy.  That little boy is soooo getting dressed up like a princess.familyAnd I cried.  Bawled like a baby.  Like, seriously harder than anyone else in that room.snipsethfirst mealgirlsAnd guess what else?  I get to photograph this little, teeny tiny man again this weekend for his “official” newborn shots.  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh.  And please stay tuned.  Last week was a little busy.  I still have the Komen: Pink Ribbon Classic AND Natalie’s 7th Annual Fly Thru the Park events to post!


ROYGBIV #10: Chartreuse

This is my Rainbow Project. Conceptualized November 2010. First session photographed January 2011.

Chartreuse: Light Green Glamour
Model: Wendy ROYGBIV Chartreuse 1 ROYGBIV Chartreuse 2 ROYGBIV Chartreuse 3 ROYGBIV Chartreuse 4 Photographed: June 30, 2011

You can see all 10 images are available on my Facebook page.

Please stay tuned…