Rainbow Project

ROYGBIVConceptualized November 2010.  First session photographed January 2011.

In December 2010, I recruited 19 different women: family, friends and friends of friends; and asked them to select their color.  The original thought was that this would be one HUGE group shoot; however each costumed color took on a theme of their own.  Each model deserved her own individually themed shoot.

This project officially began at the first shutter click on January 28th, 2011 and has yet to be completed (though only 3 colors remain unfinished.)

You will see the color links below.  If PINK is not your final selection, then you have not seen the last of this project.  Please check back often!

And if you would like to see even more of these images, please check out my Facebook page EfyP: the Bold Collection (sister page to my original Eclectically for You Photography, LLC.)

This is my Rainbow Project:

Gothic BlackGloomy Glamour 1Metal 4Snow Bunny 4That Girl (1)ROYGBIV Rust 1ROYGBIV Red 4ROYGBIV Orange 2ROYGBIV Yellow 3ROYGBIV Chartreuse 2ROYGBIV Dk Green 3Blue 2Indigo4Lavendar 1Violet 4Pink 1

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