March for Babies, Clermont County

Saturday morning started with a BANG!  Literally.  A big boom of thunder beat my alarm clock by about 1 minute.  5:59am.  I was due over at Miami Meadows Park by 7am to help photograph the Clermont County March for Babies event.  What a beautiful day for a walk.

Fortunately, after the storm wore itself out, the skies stayed dry through the actual event; though it was pretty darn cold.  Even with the dreary weather, walk participants and supporters showed up in droves.

I photographed alongside a local sports photographer that has some personal ties to the cause.  Upon meeting him face-to-face, I realized that this was not my first time meeting him.

From the Summer of ’98 to the Summer of ’99, I worked as a front desk/lab tech at a Motophoto franchise.  I was the only employee, working very closely with someone that turned out to be one of my all-time favorite bosses.  And being a small, family-owned shop, we had many loyal and frequent customers.  One of them being David Miller, of Photos by David Miller.  I remember certain people, and he was a memorable one.  He shot mainly sports/team photos that we processed for him.  With his non-sports photos, he preferred black & white photographs with a sepia tone to them.  Being that this was during the film-era (hah!) you had to create those hues in camera, with film and with processing; not in [enter digital processing program here.]  He wanted a certain look and my boss accomplished that look for him.  I tried.  I wasn’t as successful.

So anyway, jump 13 years forward, and here we are working side by side.  I love those Small World moments.  And I really love it when I realize that my memory does still work on occasion!

From what I observed, the walk was a total success!  And again, even from under the hoodies and behind the shivers, there were smiles all around.