Mary Turns 80, SURPRISE!

This is Mary.  Mary and I share a birthday.  April 16th, 2012 marked my 32nd birthday and Mary’s 80th birthday.  I am not sure what Mary had planned for her 80th birthday, but I  mine was spent at the vet’s office and then out for some Mexican food.

So, Mary’s family decided to surprise her for her big milestone year by throwing her a party.  Without her knowing about it.

And these four men.  These are her sons, two of which live across the country.  All four were in attendance for the big reveal.

The party was last Saturday…  Remember that one?  The rainy one.  Apparently, it can be a little challenging getting someone to get out of a car for no reason, in the pouring rain.  Somehow, they got her out of the car and into the clubhouse (aka Party Central.)


Mary had an amazing turnout.  I met her, her family and her friends for the first time that evening and I can vouch for her.  She has some wonderfully welcoming and hilarious family and friends.


For My Sweet 16th…

I didn’t receive a pony or any huge birthday bash.  I was taken out to dinner with my mom, my stepfather, my sister, my grandmother, and my two best friends.  I view my 16th birthday as a game changer.  My grandmother gave me my very first Canon SLR.  It was the first Rebel model (35mm.)  I learned a lot from that camera and used it throughout my remaining high school years.  Another 16 years and several upgrades later, it’s still a Canon in my bag.

Now, back to my Sweet 16th.  My dinner was at a newly opened restaurant, across the street from the Kenwood Mall (now the Kenwood Towne Centre.)  The restaurant was named “Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Grill.”  And that evening, as luck would have it, was the night that Dick Clark stopped in for a visit.  Now, he wasn’t really “my type” (I was more into The Monkees, Brandon Lee, and my boyfriend,) but I must say that it was pretty awesome to have received a kiss on the cheek from Mr. Dick Clark on my 16th birthday.

(I would be the one sporting the red plaid)

Rest in Peace, Mr. Clark.