Nicole + Mike

Saturday, October 24th was a rainy day, but that didn’t dampen Nicole and Mike’s big day!  I only had a few hours with these two; and I had a wonderful time capturing every moment.  Please enjoy some of the images from Nicole and Mike’s wedding day! blog 4blog 2blog 1blog 3

Congratulations again to Nicole and Mike! Best wishes for a beautiful future together!

My PINK Saturday

My Saturday began at 4:30am with a pick through my pink hair, a pair of pink Strawberry Shortcake knee-high socks, pink capris, pink earrings, nose ring, pink mascara, pink eye shadow, and a purple team shirt.  PINK overkill?  Nah.  Just the perfect look for a perfect day at an amazing event.MeSaturday, September 14th marked my 3rd year photographing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I shoot for all of the survivors, their family and friends; but most importantly to  honor my Mom, a 13 year breast cancer survivor.  I take great pride in what I do and I love that I have the ability to share it with so many people.

Each year, I am joined by other local photographers that are awesome enough to donate their time and talent to covering this HUGE event.  This year, I had the privilege of working with these 4 amazing individuals: Sarah R. of Sarah Anne Photography, Samantha G. of SJG Photography, Lisa H. of Hezlep Photography, and Adam G. of Gabbard Photography.

L-R: Angie, my camera and human wrangler, Lindsey (me,) Sarah, Samantha, Lisa, and Adam.

Not only did I have a great shooting team to work with, but I was fortunate to have my Grandma K. graciously manning my booth space for a 3rd year.

And if that wasn’t enough, my favorite henna artist, Jill Jaiswall hung out at my booth too; offering up some free henna to race participants.Jaiswal DesignPrior to all the running and walking, people congregated around the GABP for some breakfast at the Komen Kafe, takeaways throughout the sponsor expo, and a Jazzercize warm-up on the main stage.gabpThis year’s event consisted of a 10K run (8am,) a 5K run/walk (9am,) and a 2K family fun walk (9:30am.)10KTHIS is the 5K crowd and THESE images do not do this crowd justice.
(And the purple shirt with the cutest kid in the world on his shoulders… those are my boys.)5kDid I mention that I love making new friends?MaddieThe route took participants across and along the Ohio River, via two bridges and along the Newport Levy.race routeawesomeAll culminating at my absolute favorite shooting spot… the finish line.finishAnd if I could post all 700+ images from that spot on this blog, I would. (But, for those that do want to check out ALL of those finish line shots, I offer up this link.) The smiles, tears, hugs and high-fives were never-ending.  And I do not lie, my human wrangler, Angie has to drag me, kicking and screaming from the finish line every year to make the next deadline in the stadium.

So, what happens inside the Great American Ball Park, you ask?  First, the kids take to the field (well, the brown dirt part around the field) for the Annual Kids Fun Run!kidsAnd then, every year Komen gets a group shot of all of the survivors in a creative way.  For the 2nd year in a row, this magic was created in the stands (baseball is apparently still happening.)  CureAnd along with the group photo, survivors and guests are entertained by performers and speakers.Celebration of Hope (166) speakerThe speakers are amazing. The performances are amazing. The crowd is amazing. The survivors are amazing.  And the entire day (though it is over before noon) is beyond amazing and I cannot wait for next year.

And if you were at the race and would like to find yourself in the crowd OR if you would just like to see all the fun that was missed, please visit my website for the complete collection of images from the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2013.

I will end this post with a series of photographer action shots. action❤ Lindsey

Photo Pro Expo 2013


First and foremost, my apologies for being such a silent blogger for so long.  I have taken on a few new responsibilities and also apparently channeled my inner “bear” and attempted hibernation mode for a while.  I am *fingers crossed* going to post at least once/week from here on out.  That’s the goal!

So, now to begin my blog backlog….

The second weekend of February was the annual PhotoPro Expo in Covington, KY.  This was my second year attending the 4-day event.  The speakers were awesome, the socializing was awesome, and the trade show was once again, awesome.

During the trade show, Westcott Lighting hosts (and lights) the Fantasy Model Shoot-Out.  This year there was one-less studio set-up and more people with camera in hand, so it was overwhelmingly crowded at times.  However, one of my favorite models returned this year, so I tolerated the crowd for a period of time.  Model Shoot-Out CrowdImage taken by Lisa Hezlep
Sometimes, it’s nice being short. 😉  Check out the images that I was able to grab of these pretty-costumed people:

Day 1 of the Westcott Fantasy Model Shoot-OutDay 1paparazzi shotDay 2 of the Westcott Fantasy Model Shoot-OutDay 2

I have yet to submit my images into the contest (and as I type, I realize that I probably missed the deadline,) but if you would like to see other photographers’ submissions, please follow this link to the Flickr page!

So, that’s what I’ve got for now.  I have some really fun posts coming up, including images from a project that I have been working on for 2 years.  Please stay tuned!

Race for the Cure 2012

Last Saturday was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The event is both the largest and the most inspiring event for me to photograph.  This year I teamed up with another 5 photographers, 4 of which are fellow FILM Project photographers.My shooting crew (left to right): Adam Gabbard, Gabbard Photography; Lindsey Driscoll (me,) Eclectically for You Photography; Pamela Stevens, Stevens Photography; Sarah Richardson, Sarah Anne Photography; Amanda Davidson, Amanda Davidson Photography; and Samantha Gunning, SJG Photography

Our morning started around 7am down at the Great American Ballpark and we spidered out from there.

The mainstage provided check presentations as well as the National Anthem, sung by Eben Franckewitz (American Idol.)  Frank Marzullo, from Fox19 acted as MC, along with Jeff and Fritsch from Q102.

8am began the first ever Race for the Cure 10K!  And 9am led the way for the 5K (survivor/family walk.)  Leading the walk, as they’d done many times in the past, were the girls in Pink from Fox19, Sheila Gray, Tricia Mackey, Stephanie Woods, and Katy Morgan.  Once the crowd passed by (which, by the way went down several blocks and wrapped around the corner) we hopped off of the scissor lift and headed straight for the finish line.   This is by far my favorite location to shoot.  The high fives, the tears, the success! Words cannot describe the emotions underneath the big, pink inflatable finish line.  Runners, walkers and survivors were greeted by Jay Kruz with Rewind 94.9, cheerleaders, and bunches of cheering spectators.  Survivors were given medals as they crossed their finish line.

(I don’t normally prefer to show off my backside, but…) I’d like you to meet Josie.  I photographed her last year as she danced in the flash mob.  I met her again this year.  She’s been through it, going through it again and still always with a smile on her face.Photos by: SJG Photography

Immediately following the race, came the Kids for the Cure race inside of the GABP.  The finale is the Celebration of Hope Survivor Ceremony.  Awards are handed out to some of the race finishers, as well as some of the amazing teams and individuals that raised an outstanding amount of money for the cure.  Our MCs for the event were Frank Marzullo with Fox 19, Brian (a fellow Kings alumni and photographer) and Laura from Q102.  Eben also returned to sing “What a Wonderful World” during the balloon release.And for my finale, I climbed onto a knuckle truck (I’m getting pretty good at knowing my lifts) and grabbed some shots of the amazing sea of pink, smiling and waving at me from the stands.  Again, no words…And now you’re thinking, “Seriously, 6 photographers; 19 thousand attendees and that’s all the images you’ve got to post?!”  I have tons, literally TONS of images to go through.  I am working as fast as I can and will have EVERY SINGLE IMAGE posted as soon as possible on my website.  Please check back for new additions:

A special shout-out, hugs and kisses to my mother.  A 12 year breast cancer survivor!  Looking amazing in pink.  Photo by: Amanda Davidson Photography (ground-level)

Big hugs and thank you’s to my family and friends for being there.  And to my bestie, Angie for carrying the clipboard for the day. 😉

Survivor Portrait Sessions
I am hosting my 2nd annual day of mini-sessions (family portraits) for breast cancer survivors and their friends/family on October 20th at the Heritage Village, inside Sharon Woods.  For more information, please click this link or visit my website, under the “EfyP Events” tab.

Race for the Cure is Coming


This gallery contains 3 photos.

Two weeks from today is the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Cincinnati.  This will be my second year photographing the event and I am beside myself with excitement.  My mother is a 10 year+ breast cancer … Continue reading

Batting Practice with the Musicians

I am going to start out this post with a bit of information.  Angelman Syndrome is a neuro-genetic disorder that occurs in one in 15,000 live births.  My Mother’s best friend is a Mom to one of the 15,000.  She had a little girl, named Madonna.  And since the day she received the diagnosis, Penny (Mom) has been giving everything she can to Madonna and doing anything she can for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.  Each May, my family participates in the Angelman Syndrome Walk in support of the research and the many families that have Angel babies.So, how does this have anything to do with batting practice?  Well, this past weekend, Penny organized a benefit concert in honor of her daughter.  Named “The Madonna Jam,” the concert featured Eliot Sloan (from Blessid Union of Souls,) Regie Hamm (singer/song writer,) Brian White (singer/song writer,) and his wife Karyn Williams (Christian recording artist.)  Brian White and Eliot Sloan are from the Cincinnati area and both are HUGE Reds fans.  So as a thank you to everyone, Penny arranged for tickets to Saturday night’s Reds game and the full VIP batting practice experience prior to it.  Enter Lindsey!

From Left to Right: Brian White, Karyn Williams, Eliot SloanMy “job” was to meet and hang out with these amazing people (camera around neck) and follow them throughout the afternoon.  Unfortunately, Regie became ill and was unable to join us.

We gathered in the Marriott hotel’s lobby at Covington Landing and walked to the Great American Ballpark from there.It was HOT and very sweaty, but we all made it across the Roebling Suspension Bridge and into the stadium.  We were treated to an en route tour of the underground GABP tunnels.  We saw where the club house and media rooms were.  Then we were led up the stairs and onto the field. Our “viewing area” was just to the left of the Reds’ dugout and just off of the grass (no touching the grass.)  The children that were in our area were treated to the occasional ground ball, which would ultimately end with a few of the player’s autographs for their new collection.  We were told that we were not to interrupt a player, however if they approached us, we were more than welcome to chat. Have you met Todd Frazier? Hanging out with these incredibly talented individuals for several hours made my day; but to then have the opportunity to meet some of Cincinnati’s hometown heroes was an amazing experience!  Along with Todd Frazier, I had the opportunity to photograph Dusty Baker and Bronson Arroyo.  And then, because apparently all of that wasn’t awesome enough, Martin AND Charlie Sheen just happened to be enjoying batting practice with us.  Seriously?!So, yep it was a pretty spectacular day!Penny (the Mom who made it happen) and Your’s TrulyFor more information, please click on the following links:

My final Ode to the Expo

So, for every person that is interested in photography, either behind the scenes or just to look at some pretty AWESOME images, this blog’s for you!

After spending 4 days at the PhotoPro Expo, I learned a lot, I wrote a lot, I oooh’d and aahh’d a lot, I networked a lot, and I met a lot of spectacular artists!  The point to this post is simply to introduce you to some amazing people and some crazy-awesome “I need these” products.

Let’s start with some people:

Vincent Laforet  First, and foremost, he made me respect the Tilt Shift.  He was a photographer for the New York Times and many of his images made some very memorable covers.  He did a lot of aerial photography (he can have that, I enjoy being close to the ground.)  He is now diving headfirst into directing and videos.  Crazy-amazing!  Yeah, I bought his book 🙂

Kirk Voclain  Besides being an amazing Senior (as in High School) photographer, he is one hell of a stand up comedian.  I almost missed his seminar because it ran until 11pm on a day that started at 7am.  Thankfully, my fellow Cincy Smugger, Marion was there to suffer the fatigue with me (and I had some tiny wings, courtesy of Red Bull.)  I never imagined laughing so much in a how-to-succeed-in-business-while-shooting-as-many-seniors-as-possible seminar; especially after 15 hours of note taking and intense listening.  Anyway, check out his work!

Lindsay Adler  Ahhhh, to be a fashion photographer.  I am a huge fan of the Out of the Box shoots.  I do very well with themes.  So here you have a very talented photographer that shoots outside of the box, likes her shoots to carry a theme, AND she shares a name (ignore the “a.”)  What more do I need to say, LOVE her work! If she had a coffee table book, I would own it.

Scott Kelby  First, I didn’t think it was possible for a human to store as much knowledge in their brain as this man must have in his.  He spent 3 hours on stage, demonstrating (start to finish) a studio photo shoot WITH post-edits.  He successfully re-introduced me to every single studio lesson that I’d ever learned from my college courses 10+ years ago.  He hosts a jam-packed educational blog, several workshops and multiple webinars, and is also an amazing photographer to boot!

Jerry Ghionis  Let me start with his Australian accent… No, just kidding.  But seriously, he’s from Australia and travels the world, teaching and shooting weddings.  AMAZING weddings!  In the 3 hours that he spoke on stage, I gained a new love for weddings.  I love weddings, don’t get me wrong, but they are STRESSFUL. He has a more relaxed approach and it works. You say, “yes, it’s easy for him to tell you how it’s done, but does it really work? And how can I pull that off?”  Well, after telling us, he showed us. I kid you not, in a 5 minute period, he seduced the entire audience and then made all the ladies (and some men) cry.  I was sobbing by the end of his lecture.  After his seminar ended I, along several other colleagues went straight to the registration booth and signed up for the all-day Jerry Ghionis lecture add-on for the following Monday.  That Monday I spent another 9 hours listening to him teach a room of about 150 people, and it was totally worth it.  So to any readers out there that are in full wedding-planning mode… 😉 Oh, and his coffee table book is on order.

There were several other speakers that were all well worth listening to and equally just as amazing.  The above mentioned were definitely my top 5!

Now, for photographers that are wanting to add to their grocery lists:

But, wait! There’s more. Too much more. An overwhelming amount more.

This is a very small portion of my want list, but again if anyone is feeling generous. 😉  Notice my new interest in lighting? Studio? ….someday.

Model Shoot-Out: Part 2

I mentioned 4 models were present for the Westcott Model Shoot-Out at the PhotoPro Expo last weekend.  So of course I have to share the love and post some of the others too!

Starting with Dawn:

She was the “glamorous” model during the shoot-out on Sunday.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take her picture on Saturday when she was a “laundry” girl.  Her Saturday set featured a clothes line with pinned clothing.  Too cute!

Next, we have Anthony.  He was dressed as a character from ‘Assassins Creed,’ whatever that is (I’m an NES, ‘Kirby,’ Mario Bros’ person.)  At one point he had a little boy sitting on his lap, sucking on a lollipop.  Very cute, but since I don’t know the little boy’s parents, I’m not gonna post the pic.  Anthony was dressed in a suit, tie, and fedora the day before.  Again, bummed that I missed him. And finally, Natalie.  A woman after my own heart.  I was able to grab one image of her on Saturday.  She totally rocked the Steampunk! If you aren’t familiar with Steampunk, think Victorian era mixed with Sci-fi. ‘Moulin Rouge’ and The Smashing Pumpkins’ video ‘Tonight, Tonight’ demonstrate the style perfectly (IMO.)  If that still doesn’t help, please check out Natalie’s photograph below: On Sunday, she went totally Pin-Up!  Love the Pin-Ups!!!  As a side note, if anyone wants to do a Pin-Up session, please give me a call! So those are my model images.  If you would like to check them out in their entirety, I have them posted to my flickr account and also to my Facebook page.  Really hoping to win the shoot-out contest.  We shall see!

And by the way, Dawn has a Facebook page!

Lighting & set-up provided by Westcott ( co-creators of the Icelight (on my want/need list, if anyone is feeling generous.)

Model Shoot-Out: Part 1

So this is Laurel.  She made many photographer friends this past weekend at the PhotoPro Expo.

After spending 44+ hours with so many photo-friendly colleagues, mentors, teachers, and professionals, I have plenty of goodies to talk about.  Trust me, there will be several future posts resulting from my time spent (time very well spent) at this huge gathering over Super Bowl weekend.

The Expo started Thursday, February 2nd and ran thru Monday, February 6th.  It was held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, in Covington, KY.  Side note… I spent many days driving to and from Covington, KY and I still have yet to master the art of not getting lost on the way out of Covington.  For me, it’s kinda like a mini-Bermuda Triangle.  So anyway, on Saturday and Sunday they not only held seminars, but also hosted a rather large trade show (if you are into photography, gear and props, do NOT go in there with an empty credit card, unless you want a new monthly bill.)  Not only do they sell everything on my “want” lists, but they also hold a model shoot-out.

At the Westcott Model Shoot-Out, we are given the opportunity to hone our photography skills, using Westcott studio lights, backdrops, and models.  Which brings me back to Laurel.  She would be the model, that on Day 2 of the shoot-out, wore some crazy patent-leather/vinyl, platform boots to go along with her Harlequin checkered Jester costume.  The three remaining models will be posted in a future post, but I opted for Laurel first, as I am a sucker for clowns, jesters and anything with a Harlequin, diamond pattern on it.

The way that the shoot-out worked was very simple, and very chaotic.  Anyone with their camera could come up to any model at anytime, pose them and shoot them.  I kinda felt like the paparazzi a few times.  The sets were prearranged in four separate booths with backdrops, lighting and some props.  It was my job, as the photographer to settle the technical aspects of the manual settings withing my camera and make sure to capture the models in creative and interesting ways. Hmmm… reminds me of what I do on a pretty regular basis.  Can I say it?  I LOVE my job!

To the models that stood, posed, sat, and posed some more while being photographed for 4+ hours, I say “Thank You!”

As I’d mentioned before, I will be posting more from the PhotoPro Expo in the very near future.  It was an amazing experience and well worth the time spent.  I saw some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photography, and I would just be a greedy person if I kept it all to myself.

Please stay tuned!

By the way, Laurel has a Facebook page!

Lighting and sets provided by Westcott