She Sang the Anthem

Last year, I experienced this really surreal day.  A day that started with me hanging out with some really talented artists and ended with me capturing their experiences at the Cincinnati Reds’ batting practice (which was also attended by Charlie and Martin Sheen.)  [Link, if you wanna revisit]

This year brought another one of those amazing days.

Saturday, August 3rd was the 2nd Annual Madonna Jam Benefit concert, which featured performances by: Josh Reedy, Brian White, Karyn Williams, and Eliot Sloan.  Who is Madonna?  She is a sunny little girl with Angelman’s Syndrome, an amazing heart and a beautifully HUGE smile.

To further honor and benefit the Angelman Syndrome community, the following day was ASF day at the Great American Ballpark.  And to sweeten the deal even further, Karyn Williams was invited to sing The National Anthem before the start of the Reds game.  And I got to tag along for her experience.  Teehee!groupgroup1madonnagroup2karynKaryn posted this video of her day.  Check it out!

It was pretty awesome!  Unfortunately, the Reds lost that day, but I guess you can’t win ’em all.

Special Thank You! to the entire group for inviting me along and once again subjecting themselves to my shutter.ty