Natalie’s 6th Annual Fly Thru the Park 5K Run/Walk

Saturday, July 14th was Natalie’s Fly Thru the Park 5K run/walk event at Miami Meadows Park, in Miami Township/Milford, Ohio.  We were in desperate need of rain, and of course that much needed rain came Saturday morning, along with all of Natalie’s supporters, volunteers, joggers and walkers. This year makes 6 for this fundraising event and marked my 2nd time photographing it.  Usually the event occurs in conjunction with the Midsummer at Miami Meadows festival, but due to a lack of funds, the carnival had been cancelled for the year.
(Btw, if you are a Milford/Miami Township resident and you have any suggestions to provide for a possible festival next year, please contact: Mary Makley Wolff, Miami Township trustee,

Not only was I honored to be invited back to cover the event, but I was also acknowledged as a Gold sponsor, which I am completely overjoyed by.So, who is Natalie and what does her event support, you ask?
Natalie was a little girl who lost her life during an ice storm in 2007.  She was only 9 years old, but was quite the budding philanthropist.  According to her parents, family, friends and her diary, she had big plans for the charities and organizations that mattered most to her.

To honor her memory, her parents, David and Melisa Fossier created the Natalie Fossier Memorial Fund.  They hold fundraisers every year to raise money for local causes.  Some  of the organizations that receive these donations are: the Clermont County Humane Society, McCormick Elementary School, local nursing homes and a scholarship fund for the Milford School District.  In addition to the annual Fly Thru the Park run/walk event, they also host a silent auction.

To see all of the images from this year’s Fly Thru the Park event, please visit my website under the “EfyP Events” tab or simply click on this link. (20% of all print sales will go to the Natalie Fossier Memorial Fund.)

  • For more information on the Fossiers and to read Natalie’s story, please visit the memorial site that they have created:
  • The Fossiers in the News: Milford Community Press and WCPO
  • You can also “Like” their newly created Facebook page under “Natalie Fossier Memorial” or click here!
  • If you are a runner/walker and would like to participate, the Fly Thru the Park event is held every July at Miami Meadows Park. Registration will be available on the Natalie Fossier Memorial website.

March for Babies, Clermont County

Saturday morning started with a BANG!  Literally.  A big boom of thunder beat my alarm clock by about 1 minute.  5:59am.  I was due over at Miami Meadows Park by 7am to help photograph the Clermont County March for Babies event.  What a beautiful day for a walk.

Fortunately, after the storm wore itself out, the skies stayed dry through the actual event; though it was pretty darn cold.  Even with the dreary weather, walk participants and supporters showed up in droves.

I photographed alongside a local sports photographer that has some personal ties to the cause.  Upon meeting him face-to-face, I realized that this was not my first time meeting him.

From the Summer of ’98 to the Summer of ’99, I worked as a front desk/lab tech at a Motophoto franchise.  I was the only employee, working very closely with someone that turned out to be one of my all-time favorite bosses.  And being a small, family-owned shop, we had many loyal and frequent customers.  One of them being David Miller, of Photos by David Miller.  I remember certain people, and he was a memorable one.  He shot mainly sports/team photos that we processed for him.  With his non-sports photos, he preferred black & white photographs with a sepia tone to them.  Being that this was during the film-era (hah!) you had to create those hues in camera, with film and with processing; not in [enter digital processing program here.]  He wanted a certain look and my boss accomplished that look for him.  I tried.  I wasn’t as successful.

So anyway, jump 13 years forward, and here we are working side by side.  I love those Small World moments.  And I really love it when I realize that my memory does still work on occasion!

From what I observed, the walk was a total success!  And again, even from under the hoodies and behind the shivers, there were smiles all around.