My 3-Day Trip to Colorado

A few weeks ago, I went for a quick trip to visit my cousin, grandparents, aunt, and uncle. I flew into Denver International Airport and met my cousin, who currently resides on the West Coast.

From Denver, we drove the 2-hour drive to Florence. The trip took us through 3 hail storms, a possible tornado, Colorado Springs (land of the crazy weather,) and a brief stop off at the Garden of the Gods.Garden of the Gods

After our VERY brief visit to the Garden of the Gods (thanks again, Mother Nature,) we met up with our Colorado family. Allow me to introduce to you our team of bandits:teamofbandits

Please enjoy the following images captured on our day 2 journey, throughout Florence, Canon City, Silvercliffe, and Westcliffe.scene3scene2 scene1 scene4

That evening, we stopped by the Grand Re-opening of the Royal Gorge… It poured. And then it stormed. And then it flooded.rg rain candidRoyal Gorge in the Rain

On Day 3, our final day, we decided to return to the Royal Gorge.Royal Gorge Part 2Royal Gorge

And before we headed back to the airport, my aunt and uncle took us on the tour of Skyline Drive. I seriously do not know how parents of driving teens do not freak out over some of these “scenic” routes!Skyline Drive

And then, it was back to the airport…   Through rain, flooding highways, and a nice, little, Spring blizzardSnow                Yup, wasn’t kidding.

Anyway, even with the weather, our quick visit was a great visit. It’s been a while since I have been able to do some scenic and nature photography. If you liked the images enough to want something for your wall, please feel free to visit my “Prints for Purchase” page on my website.

Thank you for looking!

Raptor, Inc.

rap·tor  [rap-ter, -tawr]  n.

A bird of prey.
[Latin, one who seizes, from rapere, to seize; see rapt.]


Last Sunday morning, I met up with several nature photographers at Raptor, Inc. in Milford, Ohio.  Raptor, Inc. is a facility that raises, heals and rehabs native birds of prey back into the wild.  They also provide teaching services to help educate people about certain  species.  Within their educational program resides a few permanent feathered guests.  Permanent in that they can never be released back into the wild due to injury or other underlying issues.  So, without further adieu…

This is Scarlet, the Red-Tailed Hawk

Isis, the Almost-Albino Red-Tailed HawkWildwood, a juvenile Red-Shouldered HawkStorm, the Barn OwlSteel, the American KrestelSylvester, the Great-Horned OwlFrom left to right:  Earl (a girl) the Turkey Vulture, Lucy the Peregrine Falcon, and Priscilla the Barred OwlTo see more images, please check out my Raptor, Inc. gallery on my website!

For more information on Raptor, Inc. please visit their site: