Photo Pro Expo 2013


First and foremost, my apologies for being such a silent blogger for so long.  I have taken on a few new responsibilities and also apparently channeled my inner “bear” and attempted hibernation mode for a while.  I am *fingers crossed* going to post at least once/week from here on out.  That’s the goal!

So, now to begin my blog backlog….

The second weekend of February was the annual PhotoPro Expo in Covington, KY.  This was my second year attending the 4-day event.  The speakers were awesome, the socializing was awesome, and the trade show was once again, awesome.

During the trade show, Westcott Lighting hosts (and lights) the Fantasy Model Shoot-Out.  This year there was one-less studio set-up and more people with camera in hand, so it was overwhelmingly crowded at times.  However, one of my favorite models returned this year, so I tolerated the crowd for a period of time.  Model Shoot-Out CrowdImage taken by Lisa Hezlep
Sometimes, it’s nice being short. 😉  Check out the images that I was able to grab of these pretty-costumed people:

Day 1 of the Westcott Fantasy Model Shoot-OutDay 1paparazzi shotDay 2 of the Westcott Fantasy Model Shoot-OutDay 2

I have yet to submit my images into the contest (and as I type, I realize that I probably missed the deadline,) but if you would like to see other photographers’ submissions, please follow this link to the Flickr page!

So, that’s what I’ve got for now.  I have some really fun posts coming up, including images from a project that I have been working on for 2 years.  Please stay tuned!

Model Shoot-Out: Part 2

I mentioned 4 models were present for the Westcott Model Shoot-Out at the PhotoPro Expo last weekend.  So of course I have to share the love and post some of the others too!

Starting with Dawn:

She was the “glamorous” model during the shoot-out on Sunday.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take her picture on Saturday when she was a “laundry” girl.  Her Saturday set featured a clothes line with pinned clothing.  Too cute!

Next, we have Anthony.  He was dressed as a character from ‘Assassins Creed,’ whatever that is (I’m an NES, ‘Kirby,’ Mario Bros’ person.)  At one point he had a little boy sitting on his lap, sucking on a lollipop.  Very cute, but since I don’t know the little boy’s parents, I’m not gonna post the pic.  Anthony was dressed in a suit, tie, and fedora the day before.  Again, bummed that I missed him. And finally, Natalie.  A woman after my own heart.  I was able to grab one image of her on Saturday.  She totally rocked the Steampunk! If you aren’t familiar with Steampunk, think Victorian era mixed with Sci-fi. ‘Moulin Rouge’ and The Smashing Pumpkins’ video ‘Tonight, Tonight’ demonstrate the style perfectly (IMO.)  If that still doesn’t help, please check out Natalie’s photograph below: On Sunday, she went totally Pin-Up!  Love the Pin-Ups!!!  As a side note, if anyone wants to do a Pin-Up session, please give me a call! So those are my model images.  If you would like to check them out in their entirety, I have them posted to my flickr account and also to my Facebook page.  Really hoping to win the shoot-out contest.  We shall see!

And by the way, Dawn has a Facebook page!

Lighting & set-up provided by Westcott ( co-creators of the Icelight (on my want/need list, if anyone is feeling generous.)

Model Shoot-Out: Part 1

So this is Laurel.  She made many photographer friends this past weekend at the PhotoPro Expo.

After spending 44+ hours with so many photo-friendly colleagues, mentors, teachers, and professionals, I have plenty of goodies to talk about.  Trust me, there will be several future posts resulting from my time spent (time very well spent) at this huge gathering over Super Bowl weekend.

The Expo started Thursday, February 2nd and ran thru Monday, February 6th.  It was held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, in Covington, KY.  Side note… I spent many days driving to and from Covington, KY and I still have yet to master the art of not getting lost on the way out of Covington.  For me, it’s kinda like a mini-Bermuda Triangle.  So anyway, on Saturday and Sunday they not only held seminars, but also hosted a rather large trade show (if you are into photography, gear and props, do NOT go in there with an empty credit card, unless you want a new monthly bill.)  Not only do they sell everything on my “want” lists, but they also hold a model shoot-out.

At the Westcott Model Shoot-Out, we are given the opportunity to hone our photography skills, using Westcott studio lights, backdrops, and models.  Which brings me back to Laurel.  She would be the model, that on Day 2 of the shoot-out, wore some crazy patent-leather/vinyl, platform boots to go along with her Harlequin checkered Jester costume.  The three remaining models will be posted in a future post, but I opted for Laurel first, as I am a sucker for clowns, jesters and anything with a Harlequin, diamond pattern on it.

The way that the shoot-out worked was very simple, and very chaotic.  Anyone with their camera could come up to any model at anytime, pose them and shoot them.  I kinda felt like the paparazzi a few times.  The sets were prearranged in four separate booths with backdrops, lighting and some props.  It was my job, as the photographer to settle the technical aspects of the manual settings withing my camera and make sure to capture the models in creative and interesting ways. Hmmm… reminds me of what I do on a pretty regular basis.  Can I say it?  I LOVE my job!

To the models that stood, posed, sat, and posed some more while being photographed for 4+ hours, I say “Thank You!”

As I’d mentioned before, I will be posting more from the PhotoPro Expo in the very near future.  It was an amazing experience and well worth the time spent.  I saw some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photography, and I would just be a greedy person if I kept it all to myself.

Please stay tuned!

By the way, Laurel has a Facebook page!

Lighting and sets provided by Westcott