My final Ode to the Expo

So, for every person that is interested in photography, either behind the scenes or just to look at some pretty AWESOME images, this blog’s for you!

After spending 4 days at the PhotoPro Expo, I learned a lot, I wrote a lot, I oooh’d and aahh’d a lot, I networked a lot, and I met a lot of spectacular artists!  The point to this post is simply to introduce you to some amazing people and some crazy-awesome “I need these” products.

Let’s start with some people:

Vincent Laforet  First, and foremost, he made me respect the Tilt Shift.  He was a photographer for the New York Times and many of his images made some very memorable covers.  He did a lot of aerial photography (he can have that, I enjoy being close to the ground.)  He is now diving headfirst into directing and videos.  Crazy-amazing!  Yeah, I bought his book 🙂

Kirk Voclain  Besides being an amazing Senior (as in High School) photographer, he is one hell of a stand up comedian.  I almost missed his seminar because it ran until 11pm on a day that started at 7am.  Thankfully, my fellow Cincy Smugger, Marion was there to suffer the fatigue with me (and I had some tiny wings, courtesy of Red Bull.)  I never imagined laughing so much in a how-to-succeed-in-business-while-shooting-as-many-seniors-as-possible seminar; especially after 15 hours of note taking and intense listening.  Anyway, check out his work!

Lindsay Adler  Ahhhh, to be a fashion photographer.  I am a huge fan of the Out of the Box shoots.  I do very well with themes.  So here you have a very talented photographer that shoots outside of the box, likes her shoots to carry a theme, AND she shares a name (ignore the “a.”)  What more do I need to say, LOVE her work! If she had a coffee table book, I would own it.

Scott Kelby  First, I didn’t think it was possible for a human to store as much knowledge in their brain as this man must have in his.  He spent 3 hours on stage, demonstrating (start to finish) a studio photo shoot WITH post-edits.  He successfully re-introduced me to every single studio lesson that I’d ever learned from my college courses 10+ years ago.  He hosts a jam-packed educational blog, several workshops and multiple webinars, and is also an amazing photographer to boot!

Jerry Ghionis  Let me start with his Australian accent… No, just kidding.  But seriously, he’s from Australia and travels the world, teaching and shooting weddings.  AMAZING weddings!  In the 3 hours that he spoke on stage, I gained a new love for weddings.  I love weddings, don’t get me wrong, but they are STRESSFUL. He has a more relaxed approach and it works. You say, “yes, it’s easy for him to tell you how it’s done, but does it really work? And how can I pull that off?”  Well, after telling us, he showed us. I kid you not, in a 5 minute period, he seduced the entire audience and then made all the ladies (and some men) cry.  I was sobbing by the end of his lecture.  After his seminar ended I, along several other colleagues went straight to the registration booth and signed up for the all-day Jerry Ghionis lecture add-on for the following Monday.  That Monday I spent another 9 hours listening to him teach a room of about 150 people, and it was totally worth it.  So to any readers out there that are in full wedding-planning mode… 😉 Oh, and his coffee table book is on order.

There were several other speakers that were all well worth listening to and equally just as amazing.  The above mentioned were definitely my top 5!

Now, for photographers that are wanting to add to their grocery lists:

But, wait! There’s more. Too much more. An overwhelming amount more.

This is a very small portion of my want list, but again if anyone is feeling generous. 😉  Notice my new interest in lighting? Studio? ….someday.