My First Cook-Off, Asian BBQ Style!

Let’s start with this simple fact: I am not a cook.  I can photograph food and I can boil water like no one’s business, but I am NOT a cook.  Ask my husband.

This past weekend, I spent my Sunday afternoon down at Findlay Market for the final (in the series) Asian Food Fest Cook-Off.  The Asian Food Fest is a fundraising entity for Care 2 Share, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to the people of Vietnam.  One of my close friends (and high school alumni) actually co-heads up these events. So, aside from the yummy goodness and the amazing cause behind all of the food, I am there to support, experience, learn and share for her and every other member/contributor to the organization.

As mentioned in the title, this week’s cook-off “theme” was BBQ.  I LOVE Asian cuisine, but I had never had Asian BBQ.  That was new to me… And it was hella good!  Reminds me of how much of a non-cook I am.  And how much I would love to learn.  The contest featured 7 contestants and 6 judges.

As soon as the first piece of marinated meat hit the grill, it was game-on and PACKED with judges, friends, family, supporters and market-shoppers-turned-taste-testers.

After all of the food had been passed around and judged by the judges, the winners were announced:

Judge’s Choice
1st Place – David Hilo
2nd place – Chin Leong
3rd Place – JayJay

People’s Choice
1st Place – Bac Nghiem
2nd place – David Hilo
3rd place – Chin Leong

So, what’s next for the Asian Food Fest events? In May, they will be having their third annual Asian Food Fest down at The Banks!  The event takes place May 19th and 20th and will feature over 30 vendors, games for children, live music and more!  So, if you are a sucker for Asian cuisine, looking for an enjoyable experience, interested in Asian cultures, and you would like to contribute to a wonderful cause, PLEASE mark your calendars and join in the festivities!

If you are on Facebook, please take a second to Like and Share their page!

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